FNCE Is Just the First Step

What do Houston, Mr. Peanut, and a dazzling array of food samples have in common? The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetic’s annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE). As it does every year, the show highlighted the efforts CPG manufacturers are making to connect with registered dietitians and educate them about their healthy brands.

While a successful FNCE can help spread the word about your healthy brand, RDs need the support of CPGs throughout the year. It is imperative that brands leverage the momentum of FNCE with ongoing messaging that keeps their brands top of mind among those who are driving the purchase habits of health-conscious consumers.

Not to mention the tens of thousands of registered dietitians who aren’t in attendance at the Expo. A recent HCPNetwork survey showed that just 8% of RDs attend FNCE annually and 20% have never attended. Yet these professionals are counseling consumers and recommending healthy solutions each and every day.

FNCE can deliver real results for your healthy brand, but it is most effective as a capstone to ongoing, coordinated outreach to RDs and other health influencers that demonstrates your commitment to delivering healthy solutions to their patients and clients throughout the year.