How To Talk To Influencers

When developing content for healthcare professionals, many brands simply repurpose consumer content. Using content developed for consumer-facing websites and advertising can save time, but it is typically ineffective and can actually alienate healthcare professionals instead of engaging them.

With more than 90% of healthcare professionals recommending specific brands to consumers, it’s worth the effort to ensure that the information you send them has been developed to meet their unique needs.

Here are four guidelines to ensure you are developing content that builds a relationship of trust and credibility with health influencers—and motivates them to recommend your brand:

1. Respect their expertise: Health influencers are highly trained and experienced professionals. Use a peer-to-peer voice when crafting your marketing message and avoid hyperbolic language.

2. Provide a biorationale: Professionals need to understand the “how and why” of your brand if they are to communicate that information to consumers. Make sure your content includes all the information a professional would want to know—and source it, where appropriate.

3. Create a context: Health influencers will handpick the consumers for whom your brand message is best suited—you can’t get more targeted than that! Help them by creating a context for how your brand meets the needs of those looking to meet specific health goals.

4. Add value to their practice: Show your commitment to the amazing work these dedicated professionals do. Provide counseling tools, research, product samples and coupons that add value to their interactions with consumers.