Supporting Product Launches

New product launches and line extensions are high stakes propositions for healthy brands looking to keep pace with consumer demand and the evolving health & wellness marketplace.

Health influencers can be an important ally in the effort to get the word out and drive trial of new products. But there is groundwork to be laid.

Research with health influencers in the HCPNetwork has consistently shown that two primary factors drive recommendations of one healthy brand over another:

1) familiarity with the nutritional profile of a brand and
2) a personal experience with the brand.

Simply seeing a new product advertised in print, on television, or online is not enough to win health influencers over. In fact, even direct outreach to those influencers can fail to deliver results for a new product if it doesn’t educate them about the brand or provide them with the opportunity to try it themselves.

If you have a new healthy product launch or line extension set to debut this year, do your plans go beyond a health headline to engage health influencers in a way that builds brand awareness and earns recommendations?