Beyond the Brand

One hot topic of discussion in the marketing world, fueled by two recent articles, is the decline of the “brand” as a company’s most important asset. In the information age—the theory goes—where consumers have access to more and more product information, not to mention reviews and recommendations, purchase decisions are being made on “real value” assessments as opposed to brand loyalty.

Trying to decide on what HDTV to buy? You read online reviews, look for recommendations from trusted sources, and compare features and warranties. You no longer simply rely on the brand name.

We are seeing signs of this same dynamic in health and wellness. Health-conscious consumers want more information about products that may help them meet their health and wellness goals, and are increasingly turning to trusted sources to inform their purchase decisions.

As a marketer of a healthy brand, you must share the “why” and “how” of your brand if you are to meet the information needs of today’s consumer. And better yet, you want that information delivered by a trusted source, such as a healthcare professional, who will provide the context and authority consumers crave.

Focusing on the “brand” is an effective way to build awareness and cut through the clutter, but when it comes to health & wellness, communication can’t stop there. You must go beyond the health headline to truly engage the health-conscious consumer.