Go For Engagement, Not Impresssions

Pay per click advertising, content sponsorships, Facebook ads—the digital world provides myriad ways for marketers to gain impressions for their brands. Exposing your brand to people who share at least some traits in common with your target consumer has never been easier.

But impressions are not engagement, and in an age when consumers are losing trust in traditional forms of marketing and advertising, it has never been more vital for brands to find ways to connect with consumers in more meaningful ways.

Delivering a personal experience with your brand, particularly in the realm of health and wellness, may not be as easy as paying for impressions, but it is significantly more effective at achieving your brand goals.

Here are three quick keys to creating real engagement between consumers and your healthy brand:

1. Deliver your message when a consumer’s health awareness is heightened.

2. Provide the brand experience in the way the consumer wants—through a trusted, authoritative source.

3. Go beyond the health headline to provide more information, context and value.

Health influencer outreach achieves all three of these, delivering brand engagement—and recommendations—through a trusted source who is hand-selecting consumers for whom your brand is most relevant.

Impressions are tempting—cheap, easy and readily available—but engagement can do more for your healthy brand and the consumers who need it.