A Personal Experience with Your Brand

We are frequently asked what drives a healthcare professional to recommend one brand versus another. When we ask members of our HCPNetwork for the answer to that question, the results are consistent year after year—healthcare professionals are far more likely to recommend brands when they have had a personal experience with the brand.

One key way to deliver this experience is through sampling. In fact, 85% of healthcare professionals will not recommend a product without having tried it themselves.

Sampling—or providing a free coupon if your product is not easily sampled—not only provides healthcare professionals a personal experience with the brand, it allows them to be credible in recommending that brand to their patients and clients. One HCPNetwork member recently told us, “[Being able] to try the product myself…makes it more valid for me to recommend the product.”

Effective health influencer outreach requires building a relationship of trust and credibility with professionals, and then educating them about your product so that a recommendation is made to a consumer. Delivering a sample and providing a personal experience with your brand can be an important first step in that process.