The State of Supermarket Dietitians

Supermarket dietitians continue to be a hot topic of conversation in the world of grocery retail and healthy brands. At the just concluded Progressive Grocer Retail Dietitian Symposium, supermarket dietitians, industry experts and healthy brands gathered to discuss how these influential professionals can have an even greater impact on the health habits of consumers.

We had the pleasure to present new research at the event that suggests a significant untapped opportunity exists to connect dietitians practicing in the community with those who are employed by retailers.

Here are a few key findings from the research:

  • Up to half of dietitians practicing in the community are unaware of the services offered by supermarket dietitians at their local store(s).
  • However, they overwhelmingly believe supermarket dietitians can complement their efforts as health educators for consumers.
  • 9 in 10 of community dietitians would educate their patients and clients about the services offered by the local supermarket dietitian, if they had that information available to them.
  • And 8 in 10 would collaborate with supermarket dietitians to promote healthy eating to consumers.

There is an awareness gap facing supermarket dietitians, even among their colleagues in the community. That’s the challenge. The good news is that these professionals are eager to support each other, presenting opportunities for retailers—and suppliers—to partner on programs and initiatives to promote the growing presence of dietitians in the store.