Reassessing Your Conference Strategy

Educating health influencers about your brand’s health benefits is a critical component of a successful healthy brand marketing plan.  Annual conferences both at national and state levels can help build awareness of your brand with these influencers, but the real power of this channel lies in the influencer’s ability to incorporate your brand into their daily interactions with consumers.

While conferences allow for face-to-face interactions with health influencers, a recent HCPNetwork survey revealed that less than 10% of RDs attend FNCE annually and 20% have never attended a FNCE conference.

There is clearly an opportunity to add incremental support to your health influencer strategy by deploying ongoing outreach to those everyday health influencers who have neither the time nor resources to attend a conference.

By executing a brand-focused program that provides consumer education, samples and/or coupons to these highly effective health influencers, you are demonstrating your commitment in an important and meaningful way.

Ongoing brand-focused HCP outreach offers these additional benefits:

  • You have the full attention of the health influencer without having to compete for share of mind with other brands,
  • Your brand becomes the focus of a direct, one-on-one interaction with consumers leveraging the voice of the trusted health influencer,
  • You have an opportunity to create a meaningful and actionable context for your brand, and
  • You can utilize the reach of everyday health influencers to deliver your message to highly motivated consumers throughout the year—not just during a conference.