Health Influencer Outreach 2.0

More than 15 years ago, when we began in the health influencer marketing business, the playbook for brands looking to engage health influencers consisted of three key plays: (1) create a website for professionals, (2) attend major conferences, and (3) develop relationships with high-profile thought leaders.

Let’s call this approach Health Influencer Outreach 1.0.

Over the past several months, we have devoted space in this newsletter to how healthy brands can improve their health influencer outreach efforts by moving beyond these traditional tactics.

In fact, we think it’s safe to say that it’s time for Health Influencer Outreach 2.0—the next generation of outreach to those trusted advisors who are driving purchase decisions among health-conscious consumers.

As we’ve discussed, the evolution of health influencer outreach has been characterized by

  • A focus on everyday health influencers who are counseling consumers day in and day out, as opposed to solely courting high-profile thought leaders that may have little direct interaction with consumers
  • A commitment to ongoing, year-long outreach and engagement that builds a meaningful relationship between your brand and the influencer, as opposed to sporadic appearances at conferences that are commonly attended by fewer than 10% of professionals
  • Delivering value in ways that health influencers prefer, which means providing hard copies, product samples and coupons that can be shared directly with consumers, as opposed to resources that lie dormant on a website

Healthy brands needn’t abandon the tactics of Health Influencer Outreach 1.0 entirely, but to remain vital and relevant to this key constituency, brands must evolve and embrace Health Influencer Outreach 2.0.