The Value of the Hard Copy

It is increasingly common to find an entire section of brand websites dedicated to resources for healthcare professionals. Healthy brands often invest considerable time, energy, and money in developing tools and materials that professionals can use with patients.

Unfortunately, these tools and materials often wither on the vine.

Despite an enormous appetite for high-quality patient education materials and brand information, healthcare professionals are not flocking to brand websites to obtain these resources.

Take a recent program completed through our HCPNetwork. Pre- and post-program surveys showed significant gains in the professionals’ intent to recommend the sponsoring brand, their agreement with key brand marketing messages, and other key metrics.

One number that didn’t move? Visits to the brand website. Despite considerable promotion of the professional resources available at the brand website, healthcare professionals didn’t take the time to visit.

And here’s what’s really interesting: When asked what additional resources they would like from the brand, the professionals consistently mentioned tools and materials that were already available on the brand website.

So why aren’t they grabbing those resources from the website? The bottom line is that they lack both the time to sort through the website and the ability to turn those digital assets into the printed materials they need for patients.

Healthcare professionals want the support of healthy brands, and are eager to distribute patient education materials, tools and coupons provided by brands. But they overwhelmingly tell us that they want them mailed directly to them in a physical form ready to distribute to patients.