Unless your Target Consumer is a Bot...

Digital marketing has been revolutionary in how much information it gives you. You can track the results of every dollar spent, or so it has been said. Recently, however, digital marketing has started to develop some chinks in its shiny armor.

A Bloomberg Business article dives deeply into how fake traffic and the metrics they produce are becoming an enormous issue for everyone in the digital world, especially marketers:

Most ridiculous of all, [Bob Hoffman, a veteran ad executive] adds, is that advertisers are further away than ever from solving the old which-part-of-my-budget-is-working problem. ‘Nobody knows the exact number,’ Hoffman says, ‘but probably about 50 percent of what you’re spending online is being stolen from you.’

There are now three main ways your digital marketing campaign is not as effective as your analytics numbers indicate:

  • Ad blockers prevent your ads from being seen
  • The number of people who register your ad is less than the number of impressions you receive
  • Fake traffic means a percentage of your viewers aren’t even real (a whopping 16% of traffic to food-related websites is fake, according to Bloomberg)