A Direct Route to the Consumer

A key outcome of any health professional marketing effort should be reaching a targeted, health-conscious consumer. At the end of the day, it isn’t health influencer marketing if the influence isn’t being put to use.

Many traditional health influencer tactics can be effective at raising brand awareness or helping educate professionals about a brand’s health credentials but lack a direct route to the consumer.

Social media, events and conferences, thought leader development and paid professional media are all examples of these “above the line” activities. They generate awareness and buzz, predispose professionals toward your brand, and help build trust and credibility.

But absent a back-end mechanism that builds upon that initial engagement with tactics that deliver influence directly to consumers, these tactics alone are insufficient to deliver long-term value to your brand.

Social media, events and public relations can “fill the funnel” with health professionals who are receptive to your brand’s health message, want to learn more or want to share your brand message with consumers.

Just don’t neglect the key next step—building a sustainable and scalable platform that delivers direct consumer touches with the influence of those professionals.