The Impending Regulation of Personal Trainers

The personal trainer industry is booming and some government regulators are taking notice. The Board of Physical Therapy in Washington, D.C., is currently writing what would be first-in-the-nation regulations for the District’s personal trainers.

An article in The Washington Post details how many in the industry—gyms, trainers, and fitness organizations alike—wait with bated breath for the Board’s actions. The regulations, whatever they may be, could have sweeping implications for all corners of the industry:

With billions of dollars potentially at stake, lawyers and lobbyists are engaged in a no-holds-barred fight to shape the nation’s first-ever rules over who has the right to tell someone else how to exercise.

The problem for personal trainers is that no standards currently exist. Instead, dozens of competing descriptions have been written by gym owners, for-profit training companies and self-proclaimed fitness experts. There are even competing organizations that certify competing tests.

Regardless of what the Board decides, you can be sure the impending announcement has hitherto unregulated personal trainers, like their clients, sweating.