Cereal. What a Hassle.

Cereal just isn’t convenient, according to millennials. Their reasoning? They don’t have the time or inclination to wash the bowl afterwards. 

A recent New York Times article reported that instead, millennials are reaching for on-the-go foods, or skipping breakfast entirely.  Kim Severson explains:

They either don’t eat breakfast at all, or eat it somewhere other than home. And when they do eat breakfast, a bowl of cold cereal is often replaced by hot grains, smoothies, yogurt or breakfast sandwiches.

Interestingly, cereal remains a breakfast favorite among baby boomers, showing a clear choice difference by generation. 

The motivation behind millennials moving away from cereal is not clear. Is the root cause truly laziness, an on-the-go lifestyle, or a combination of both? Further research will help determine that, but there’s no doubt that millennials think differently about what and how they eat.