How To Get Health Influencers To Recommend Your Brand

We are often asked what drives health & wellness influencers to recommend one brand over another. Clients want to understand what they need to do to earn the recommendation of a trusted dietitian, nurse, or fitness trainer.

While every influencer is different, there are certain recurring themes when we ask influencers what drives their recommendation habits.

In fact, we have asked them this question countless times over the years, and one factor consistently rises to the top of the list—a personal experience with a brand.

Health & wellness influencers want their patients and clients to know that they have tried a brand before recommending it. It is as much about their own personal credibility and brand as it is about being familiar with your product and its attributes.

So, how can you provide influencers with a personal experience?

Sampling is one great way. Even when consumer sampling may not make sense, providing the health & wellness influencer the opportunity to try your product for themselves can be vital in earning their recommendation.

If sampling isn’t feasible, then a free or VIP coupon is often equally as effective.

Regardless of the mechanism, offering the influencer an easy way to try your product—and then providing detailed information on its features and benefits—is the best way to give them the personal experience they want.

What does that personal experience mean for your brand?

First and foremost, it helps to solidify a relationship between the influencer and your brand— a relationship that leads to greater engagement, and an increased likelihood that the influencer will recommend your brand by name.  It also adds trust and credibility to your brand message, further validating the brand for consumers.

Providing health & wellness influencers a personal experience with your brand is just the first step in the relationship-building process, but it is a vital one that cannot be overlooked.