Introducing PulseConnect. The New Name for Health & Wellness with Influence.


In the sixteen-plus years since Pulse was founded, the health & wellness landscape has changed dramatically. What was once the realm of niche products aimed mostly at those seeking to prevent or manage chronic conditions is now a fundamental part of most Americans’ lives, impacting myriad decisions they make on a daily basis.

More than a decade ago, the healthcare professional was the primary influencer—the gatekeeper to nutrition and behavior choices that could help you lose weight, ward off diabetes or manage cardiovascular disease.

Naming our then-nascent network of influencers HCPNetwork made perfect sense.

But over the years, the definition of health & wellness influencer has broadened. Today, Americans seek guidance and direction about their health & wellness from a broad range of influencers. From healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses, for sure, but also from dietitians and nutritionists, fitness and personal trainers, midwives, doulas and health coaches.

Each of these influencers has one thing in common: they are counseling, coaching, and advising Americans about their health & wellness each and every day in face-to-face interactions.

As always, our goal at Pulse is to connect your brand to consumers through these trusted sources of information, tapping into their influence to deliver your brand message during these vital teachable touchpoints.

So, today, we are introducing the next evolution of HCPNetwork, a health & wellness influencer collective built for 2016 and beyond. It’s called PulseConnect.

PulseConnect is more than just a new name, it also represents an enhanced approach to engaging influencers—giving them a voice with you, the manufacturer, adding value to their interactions with the consumers they serve, and earning recommendations for healthy brands.  

We’re excited to tell you more about PulseConnect over the coming weeks and months.

For now, just know that HCPNetwork is now PulseConnect. To learn more—or refer a health & wellness influencer you may know—visit