Does Your Healthy Brand Need a Specialty Agency?

The short answer is yes. In recent years, as marketing options have increased, so has the demand for specialty agencies. Think about it. Your healthy brand specializes in a specific category, so why would you trust an agency that doesn’t do the same?

When it comes to food and nutrition, finding a specialty agency that fits with your brand is especially important. Here’s why: 

1. Building trust isn’t as easy as you may think
When it comes to the food they put in their bodies, consumers naturally gravitate towards brands they trust. However, that trust can be hard to build, especially for food brands. Specialty agencies can help brands utilize their health halo and appropriate communication channels to build trust among consumers. 

2. Nutrition is complicated and consumers are looking for expertise
From baby foods to healthy snacks and nutritional beverages, the food industry is comprised of products to appeal to consumers of all kinds. Nutrition marketing agencies understand the unique needs of each different type of consumer, the messages that most strongly resonate with them and how best to reach them to build trust, credibility and brand trial.

3. The food and nutrition industries can be difficult to navigate
Whether your brand is an industry veteran or new to the scene, navigating the food industry can be challenging. What works in other categories doesn’t always work for food.  Working with a specialty agency affords brands the ability to leverage learnings across food categories and marketing channels.

4. The grocery landscape is constantly changing
From changes in the ways consumers shop, to in-store initiatives, and new food retailers in the market, specialty food agencies make it easy for brands to keep up.  

The right combination of category expertise can help you shape your strategy and build your brand better than any generalist agency can.  If you want to add real value to your marketing efforts, from strategy to tactics to metrics, each piece of the puzzle should be designed to integrate across the right communication channels.

Pulse Health & Wellness has specialized in connecting healthy brands with consumers through face-to-face interactions with the health and wellness professionals they trust the most for 18 years. We can help your brand understand and navigate the landscape, all while adding value and support your current marketing efforts. Interested in learning more? Let us know!