Making Plans: 3 Tips for Success in 2019


Things are changing fast and furiously out in our crazy world.  It’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate your brand, let alone build trust and credibility with consumers and other stakeholders.  Whether you’re at the beginning of your planning process or putting the finishing touches on it, here are three things to consider as you move into 2019.  

Trust is more important than ever. 

Consumers are desperately looking for trusted advisors and reputable content. This is especially true for information about nutrition, health and wellness.

The 2018 IFIC survey asked consumers who they trust most for reputable, trustworthy nutrition information. They found that consumers trust conversations with health professionals more than any other source—more than health-focused websites, TV and social media, friends and family, and bloggers. 

Health professionals advocate for healthy lifestyle choices every day. And as experts in their fields, they understand the health and nutritional needs of their patients and clients more than anyone else—and they have the tools and knowledge to educate and care for them accordingly.

In 2019 it’s worth spending money on developing trustworthy content and delivering it through this trusted source. We’re not suggesting you abandon all other tactics in your arsenal, but if you’re looking to deliver actual value to consumers, deliver it smartly: at a teachable touchpoint from a trusted advisor—the consumer’s personal health professional. It’s face-to-face, personal and powerful.    

Creativity trumps conformity.  

Everything doesn’t need to be digital. Consider going against the grain and giving consumers something tangible—something printed and handed to them by a trusted advisor. This isn’t a new idea—to zig when everyone else is zagging—but its powerful nonetheless. The health professionals in our proprietary PulseConnect network overwhelmingly prefer printed materials over digital assets to share with patients and clients. Why? It provides more detail information and something they can reference when they get home. It helps them “close the deal” with patients and clients in encouraging healthy behavior. The bottom line is: it drives their recommendations of your product to the consumer. And consumers respond by following the recommendations of their trusted health professional, driving purchase of your brand. Win. Win. Win.

Measurable results are critical.

Many of our clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the results—or lack thereof—that they’re seeing from their digital campaigns. We don’t work like that. How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been?

From informal feedback loops to structured professional and consumer research and practitioner panels, we can gather category insights, understand recommendation and purchase intent, measure the strength of your marketing message, and identify unmet needs.

Marketing automation and technology are here to stay. But don’t let technology rule the day at the expense of the relationships with your target audience. A smartly-planned integrated campaign and a proven distribution channel can engage your target audience in ways your competitors might not be considering.