Consumers Overwhelmingly Prefer Physical Grocery Stores

Back in August, we wrote about the continuing importance of the physical grocery store despite the buzz around digital and online.

Well, here’s some more data to support that idea.

According to the TABS Analytics 6th Annual Food and Beverage Consumables Study, 75% of consumers said they visit traditional grocery stores more than six times per month to buy food. Only 17% prefer shopping online—and only 38% have even shopped this way once.

“Online retailers still have a lot of ground to make up to see the same kind of penetration we’ve seen in other markets, such as vitamins and products for children.” — Dr. Kurt Jetta, the president and founder of TABS Analytics

There’s no question that online shopping is growing. The question is how long it will be before online grocery shopping takes over a significant percentage of those six physical store visits per month.