5 Lifestyle Habits for Healthier Lives

It’s no secret that consumers want to live longer and healthier lives. In fact, nearly 40% of respondents to the International Food Information Council’s 2018 Food & Health Survey indicated that protecting their long-term health was their motivator for adopting a new eating pattern, yet 80% of respondents stated that they are confused by the conflicting information they receive.

Consumers know their end goal, but they’re still unsure of how to get there.

A recent study by the American Heart Association suggests that we, as a society, may be making healthy living more complicated than it needs to be. According to the study, the keys to healthier and longer lives lie in the healthy habits we’ve been learning about since elementary school.

The study identified 5 basic lifestyle factors that have a dramatic effect on longevity and quality of life, as well as risk for common health conditions. Those 5 lifestyle factors include:

  1. Healthy diet

  2. Regular exercise

  3. Lean body mass

  4. Not smoking

  5. Limited alcohol use

Contrary to popular desires, there’s no one diet, pill, shake, exercise program, or supplement that will help consumers increase the length or quality of their life. Rather, it’s a combination of these 5 healthy lifestyle choices.  

Sure, it may be difficult for consumers to maintain all of these healthy habits all of the time, but they aren’t complicated, and they never change. In an environment where consumers are constantly trying to sort through the latest trends, they should really be focusing on the basics.