Educating Healthy Shoppers In-Store

Photo Credit:  kc0uvb

Photo Credit: kc0uvb

We constantly make the argument for providing health-conscious consumers with more information, not less.

But what about education in-store and at shelf? In the article, Are grocers falling short in selling better-for-you foods? from Retail Wire, Denise Leathers looks at what retailers can do to help consumers find—and learn about—better-for-you products. That includes everything from shelf signage, end-cap and secondary displays, and even staff trained to help shoppers find the healthier options they are looking for.

Food manufacturers can also play a role in partnering with retailers to provide consumer education for better-for-you brands, both in store and out. After all, manufacturers have deeper knowledge of their products, nutrition, and the particular health-related features and benefits that consumers are looking for. Not to mention, they can bring more expertise on how to effectively communicate that information and help consumers choose the foods that are right for them.

While we don’t normally recommend reading internet comments, don’t miss the discussion below the article. It’s obvious that perspectives vary on how retailers can best support health-conscious shoppers, including what works and what doesn’t.  But there’s definite agreement on the need for more better-for-you brand knowledge.