Helping Influencers Stay “In the Know”

We often talk about how overwhelming and confusing the healthy food landscape can be for consumers. Between the bombardment of catchy—and often erroneous—health headlines in the media and the hundreds of new products on store shelves each year, it’s a wonder anyone can make heads or tails of it.

With global sales of healthy food products expected to reach $1 trillion in 2017, it’s a challenge for anyone to keep pace with new products, innovations, and trends.

The fact is, staying “in the know” can be a challenge for health & wellness professionals as well. And with consumers relying on health & wellness professionals as their most trusted source for accurate guidance on nutrition, the pressure is on dietitians, nutritionists, nurses, certified diabetes educators, and fitness professionals alike to be familiar with—and recommend—healthy foods by name.

This is one of the core missions of PulseConnect—to provide health & wellness influencers with the information they need to be knowledgeable about solutions that can benefit the patients and clients they counsel.

But being “in the know” takes more than simply being aware of a product. Year after year, our research with health & wellness professionals shows that two factors drive their recommendations of specific food brands more than all others: familiarity with a product’s nutritional profile and a personal experience with the brand. That’s one reason why we encourage food companies to share not just in-depth nutrition and science content with our influencers, but also samples or “VIP” coupons so they can try the brand for themselves.

When coupled with consumer education, that knowledge and personal experience can help professionals take advantage of a teachable touchpoint with a consumer to start them on the path to a healthier diet.

Staying “in the know” is an ongoing process for health & wellness professionals, which is why we also encourage food companies to communicate with influencers on a regular basis. Sharing upcoming innovations and new product launches, news about reformulations, or recent science or data about a product or category are all vital ways food companies can support the efforts of health & wellness professionals to stay abreast of what’s happening in the healthy food sector—and add maximum value to their interactions with patients and clients.

Last, but not least, staying “in the know” also means offering influencers an opportunity to talk back to industry, sharing their needs, preferences, and questions with the makers of the healthy foods. Providing a meaningful way for influencers to share their feedback is a critical component of building a successful influencer outreach platform.

Health & wellness professionals value education and information from healthy brands—as evidenced by the ever-growing membership of PulseConnect. Helping these trusted influencers stay “in the know” about what’s happening in the world of healthy food adds value not only to their interactions with patients and clients, but your brand as well.