This Missing Puzzle Piece

With an overwhelming number of choices available to the consumer, one of the biggest challenges marketers face is reaching their target audience at moments that influence them the most. 

As a result, marketers use a multitude of ways to communicate with consumers—TV, print, digital, social media and more.  However, there’s a crucial piece of the puzzle that is missing—face-to-face interactions. It’s surprising that more marketers of healthy brands haven’t caught on to this yet, as health influencers are the most trusted source of health & wellness information. 

For healthy brands especially, face-to-face interactions with influencers can be a vital part of helping consumers cut through all the clutter. Consumers are much more skeptical than they once were, making trust in your brand an essential part of success. As we’ve pointed out before, health professionals are viewed as one of the most trusted sources of information for consumers, and can therefore help validate consumers’ choices when it comes to choosing your brand. As a marketer, why wouldn’t you leverage this channel to reach your consumers in a highly effective, personal way?

To provide an example, think about the last time you were in the market for a healthy food product. Maybe you decided you wanted to lower your cholesterol and were seeking more heart healthy food options. Or maybe you started to work out more and wanted more protein-rich foods in your diet. 

First, you may do some online research and read a blog or some product reviews. At the same time, you’ll be exposed to ads on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  But soon enough you’ll realize that there is so much conflicting information surrounding diet and nutrition that you’ll find yourself more confused than when you began. At this point, if you’re like 72% of consumers, you’ll crave expert guidance and ultimately consult an expert.

How can you ensure that the experts will recommend your brand?  

• Equip them with the information they need to understand your brand’s benefits.

• Provide a personal experience with the brand - a sample or coupon is always welcome.

• Create simple, easy to understand consumer materials to educate consumers about your brand with an incentive to try it.

By all means, use every appropriate tactic in your marketing toolbox.  But don’t overlook the value of face-to-face interactions with a health and wellness expert.  Influencers are making branded recommendations every day because consumers are asking them. And if they’re not recommending your brand, whose brand are they recommending?