Is CBD What the Doctor Ordered?

Every day it seems, there’s another story in the news about cannabidiol, or CBD, a compound found in cannabis that lacks the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD appears to offer myriad benefits for stress reduction, anxiety relief, sleep promotion, and even epilepsy.

 Some hail it as the second coming—a naturally occurring miracle ingredient that is a cure-all for what ails the world right now. But the benefits are mostly unproven and few are yet backed up by significant scientific study.

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It's Time to Go Beyond FNCE

Another October has just about come and gone, which means another Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo has as well. FNCE, as it’s known, had become the centerpiece of the professional marketing plan for many healthy food brands and companies—an opportunity to interact with 10,000-plus registered dietitians. The goal? Between educational sessions and awards ceremonies and social engagements, encourage dietitians to walk the large expo floor, sample some food, and take that experience back to their patients and clients.

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What Do Consumers Mean By 'Transparency?'

Food companies have been working hard to adapt to the new consumer-driven industry dynamic, altering existing business practices and innovating new products to meet consumer preference for healthier foods.

One area that has been a major focus of many companies is transparency. In fact, transparency has become a buzz word in the industry and, as with many other buzz words, runs the risk of losing all meaning.

What do consumers really want when they say transparency?

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